why aren't you freaking out?

the yaya and I invented a smug smile. its flat becuase it mimicks the head wilting down into neck motion of a smug, if u follow me. anyway we both just posted it on eachother fb walls at the exact same second. YES

and the watchmen

in the same restaurant, on the same day, as the previous post:

my friend yaya was talking about her boyfriend’s band. the members of the band are all out of high school now. I remembered I had to ask her something (I had seen some random junior girl, whom i don’t know personally, make a t-shirt with the logo of his band for our high school art show and i wasn’t understanding how she knew the band). I turn to yaya “hey how come dani…” all of a sudden out of the corner of my eye I see her walking to a table literally 4 ft behind me!!!! if i had turned 10 degrees less I wouldn’t have seen her and she would have heard me talking about her and been more than creeped out. my heart didnt stop pounding for ten minutes. (she really doesnt know the band).

candid camera

I don’t know how to explain this well…

there is a restaurant in town where everyone hangs out. i was there with a few close friends. a few other friends were over at another table across the room. there were some guys at a table next to us that we aren’t really good friends with. my friend jackie had a random urge to crawl over to there table and pop her head up to be weird. so she did and it was funny. but the coincidence part was that it turns out the other girls across the room randomly were videotaping the guys as a joke at the same time! that’s not a common activity. so they caught jackie’s whole joke on film!

That’s So Raven.

One time I knew who my Chemistry substitute was going to be for absolutely no reason. And when I walked into the room it was him.

Not so much a coincidence as a sign from the supernatural, but still. I freaked out. 


Tiffany was there too.


I was talking about how when people say hi to him in the hallways I get uncomfortable. Hpizz blogs about how it makes her happy. hehe.

The Intersection.

One time Jane was at the intersection when she saw a huge truck trying to turn the corner, but it was stuck, so it had to move around and caused a huge disruption. It turns out Zoe was there as well!!! I still don’t understand why neither of them weren’t freaking out.


I was watching a video I took at camp a few summers ago, right when Lexi appeared on film, she chatted me online. I haven’t talked to her since shortly after the movie was taken.


The other night I was talking to an old friend about how sad it makes me that I am not close to any of my cousins. I havnt talked to them in ages. I dont have many, I only have three first cousins. (meanwhile a tornado hit my area). That night, not one, but two cousins (from opposite sides of the family) contact me to make sure we are all okay.