why aren't you freaking out?

yesterday in photography class, i was just sitting there so my teacher asked me to be her model to demonstrate how to take a portrait with the umbrella lights like school pictures. She said all that chin down but look up and tilt your head bussiness (its hard to smile when your chin is down, i felt like i looked creepy) - everyone was staring at me it was awkward.

In art class later that night a younger girl in my class needed to take a picture of someones face but she was explaining to my teacher she was scared to ask someone becuase she felt bad. But then i feel this light tap on my shoulder. she asked me to do it. i was like sure no problem im a pro at awk pictures now. 

me: “should i smile”

her: “oh no, look mortifies like your screaming at the sky, like you just watched your dog get hit by a car, and there is blood everywhere, and youve never been so sad or so shocked or so mad…. and she went on.

me: (your kidding right.)